Partnership Goals

The Katie Mahan Foundation "Music for a Bright Tomorrow" (KMF) believes that music is an essential part of any successful community. Through our work to ensure a strong future for classical music and to use the power of that great music to inspire giving, we form partnerships with individuals or companies who share our beliefs and ideals.

KMF searches for partners who believe in the importance of music and the Arts, and who want to support the community for humanitarian and educational causes for the betterment of lives and circumstances. Our focus is to find partners who have similar goals and can bring interesting ideas to help promote our selected causes. We work to bring increased awareness for important issues affecting people everywhere, and to bring together individuals and companies who have the interest, drive, and means to make a difference.

I am really excited about the charitable work that my foundation is engaging in, and am grateful for the support of the current and future partners who help make it happen.

- Katie Mahan

The Katie Mahan Foundation "Music for a Bright Tomorrow" operates through the Joy to the World Foundation (JTTW), a Registered 501 c(3) Non-Profit Organization. Donations are tax deductable.